Situated just above the Ctrl keys, English Windows keyboards typically contain two shift keys, on the left and right sides. This modifier key comes in handy for much more than… read more
As we near the end of our tenth year in business, I’d like to share some exciting changes regarding the growth and success of AM Data Service. After several upgrades to larger and… read more
We are encouraging all clients to take the AM Data Service Client Satisfaction Survey so we can determine where you are satisfied along with where you are dissatisfied. We will… read more
It seems as though every day we hear of yet another data security breach. Carbonite recently announced a forced password reset after the online backup service was made aware of… read more
We have noticed an increase in incidents of malware like Cerber, a new type of ransomware that is embedded as a malicious email attachment - usually as a .doc or .zip file. Once… read more
No business is too small to be hacked. Cybercriminals have found small businesses to be more profitable than large corporations because they lack the resources to set up… read more
Our last few blog posts have explained what enterprise content management (ECM) means and why you might want to consider an ECM solution for your business. But how do you know… read more
Enterprise content management (ECM) systems help you run your business better. Whether you manage large commercial supply chains or just your corner of an office, chances are you… read more
There are as many ways to describe enterprise content management as there are ECM solutions. If you are not familiar with the concept of enterprise content management (ECM) and… read more
Our last blog post explained Domain Name System (DNS) servers, including those connected to routers. Now we’ll discuss how secure those routers are, and what you need to do to… read more

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