Consult these technical tips if you are hosting or attending online meetings as you work from home for the first time. Tip 1: Close unnecessary applications Online meetings can… read more
Even though many companies do some of their work online already, shifting to a more distributed workforce requires new strategies that go beyond business-as-usual for teams to… read more
Many states have issued mandates to close schools and the majority of businesses to minimize the spread of COVID 19. This has forced many companies to quickly implement work-from-… read more
Microsoft no longer supports its Windows 7 operating system as of today, Jan. 14, 2020. This means Microsoft will not provide updates or security patches for the immensely popular… read more
Americans spend an average of 6-plus hours online per day. Yet merely 2% of adults can correctly answer 10 questions about digital knowledge, including cybersecurity and social… read more
More companies than ever are outsourcing their IT to managed service providers (MSPs). IT security concerns such as ransomware are fueling this growth explosion. The global… read more
The key to avoiding or defeating a ransomware infection is to be vigilant and prepared. Here are five tips to prevent or overcome a ransomware infection: 1. Use extreme caution… read more
As technology evolves, the prevalence of ransomware attacks is growing among businesses. It’s important for digital citizens to be vigilant about basic digital hygiene in an… read more
Five-star reviews are revered in any business and aren’t easy to come by. A company has to be the best at what they do and put their customers’ needs first. We have rescued… read more
“Although attackers will always seek ways to use newly developed innovations and established platforms against us, our industry perhaps faces a greater challenge in the… read more

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