HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) is a protocol, or language, that allows communication between different systems. Most commonly, it’s used to transfer data from a web… read more
Two large-scale ransomware attacks have wreaked havoc across the globe this year - WannaCry and ExPetr (also known as Petya and NotPetya). Now there’s a third, seemingly less… read more
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LIVONIA, MICH. (May 30, 2017) -- Rich Miller grew AM Data Service, his Livonia IT consulting business, from his basement to a 6,200-square-foot space that was christened with a… read more
The following Google Chrome tab and window shortcuts can be used with Windows or Linux operating systems. These browser tips do not apply for Mac operating systems. Open a new… read more
We have noticed an increase in suspicious emails recently, and subsequently an increase in spoofed email accounts and infected computers. Therefore it bears repeating: never open… read more
The following Google Chrome browser shortcuts require a mouse: Open a link in a current tab (mouse only): Drag a link to a tab Open a link in new background tab: Ctrl + Click a… read more
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