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With OnBase, information is available within the applications clinicians and staff already know, driving improvements in patient care and service. The OnBase experts at AM Data Service can leverage this powerful software to create functionality that meets your specific clinical and business departmental needs that integrate with your existing Health IT (HIT) applications.

Every health organization relies on a portfolio of IT solutions to support their mission of superior care and service. In examining your IT ecosystem, do you find you’re deriving maximum value from your investment? Are your systems connected? Do they serve the best interests of your staff? Effective care and efficient processes hinge on how you answer.

We offer OnBase solutions for many facets of health care.  



OnBase enterprise content management (ECM) solutions offer a full-featured document management suite that can scale to all areas of your organization, supporting thousands of end-users. Because it integrates with existing software applications and hospital information systems, including the EMR and ERP, OnBase enables you to leverage your existing IT expenditures and keep users in one consistent, productive application environment.

AM Data Service can create an OnBase ECM solution that will help your hospital reduce costs while maintaining high levels of care and service in:

  • Health information management with secure electronic storage of patient information
  • Clinical care by uniting ultrasound images and data with the EMR
  • Patient financial services with automated management of financial documentation and data
  • Administration with automated workflow for accounting, finance and human resources

More than 1,500 health care provider organizations representing more than 2,500 facilities use OnBase for the secure storage, retrieval and business process management of their documents and content.

Suitable for all facets of your hospital, OnBase has solutions for the following areas:

  • Administrative solutions
  • Clinical
  • Integrations with all major EMRs
  • Health information management
  • Patient financial services
  • Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA)   


Home Healthcare

As the population ages, so should your home health organization. AM Data Service can help you manage this growth due with a custom OnBase solution that:

  • Reduces re-admittance rates that Accountable Care Organization (ACO) models are and will be focused on by making it easier to document patient’s progress, providing up-to-date reference material related to their patients and improving the accuracy of the information gathered  
  • Removes the cost of driving billions of miles by eliminating paper, which reduces the need to drive to the office to retrieve Home Health forms
  • Provides the documentation, audit trails and HIPAA-compliant security to meet the increasing number of regulatory requirements facing the Home Health field

Stored in a secure, central repository, content no longer lives as paper, saving cost and time while eliminating risks of a security breach. Further, field staff can take content offline to the patient’s home, add new information and sync with the facility electronic medical record (EMR) later, eliminating the need to travel back and forth.


Outpatient & Ambulatory

At AM Data Service, we realize the outpatient environment is usually as complex as much larger organizations. Often, the need for smooth operations from registration to discharge is even more critical. Excellent patient care coupled with a smoothly run business office creates satisfied, referring providers – the lifeblood of your organization.

With OnBase enterprise content management (ECM), you’ll connect content across your organization to give staff and clinicians a more complete patient picture and:

  • Streamline your patient encounters with paperless registration
  • Cross-reference patient documents – including history and physical, diagnostic reports and lab results – instantly find the information you need
  • Reduce AR days with access to complete patient documentation for insurance verification and filing
  • Enhance referring physician relationships with instant access to results and patient notes 

With OnBase, documents become available when and where you need them. Your accounting, billing and HR departments function with fewer errors and delays that so often impede efficient operation.

Native Software Integration   

OnBase was created to "play nice" with other software, and with over 500 existing integrations, you can rest easy knowing that your ERP, EMR, or Financial Package can directly integrate with the OnBase platform.

AM Data Service builds custom OnBase integrations with existing applications that ease transitions to new software, improve user adoption and satisfaction and eliminate switching between screens to find the right information. Integrations also allow for faster document indexing, which increases content capture speeds and eliminates the risk of human error from manual entry.

Allscripts – The OnBase integration for Allscripts SCM grants clinicians access to the complete patient record, whether working remotely or in the office. OnBase’s enterprise content management solution simply integrates with Allscripts, ensuring immediate access to the information you need, when you need it – from registration and patient care to financial services and back office processes.

Cerner – As a Cerner client, you’ve likely experienced the improvements a powerful electronic medical record can make to your health system. But as much as 65 percent of patient data may be waiting to be integrated into your existing Cerner Millennium PowerChart EMR. The OnBase integration for Cerner helps improve processes in every aspect of your organization to speed and improve patient care from admittance to billing.

GE Centricity – Create a truly enterprise solution with the OnBase integration. Even with a fully implemented EMR, at least 50 percent of patient content is generated outside the EMR system. OnBase helps clinical departments operate with the complete patient record in mind.  All clinical content is gathered and stored, ready to be accessed with a mouse click from inside the EMR. No more waiting. No more searching. No more accessing multiple systems. 

McKesson – Health care organizations relying on legacy McKesson applications, as well as those planning to upgrade to Paragon, need strategic solutions to manage information. If your organization uses one or multiple EMRs, rest easy. OnBase integrates with more than 500 applications – from ERP systems to EMRs – and provides a scalable, comprehensive solution for use across your entire organization. By consolidating all of your document silos into one enterprise system, you’ll reduce the overhead associated with managing and supporting multiple document imaging platforms while improving the way your organization controls its content.

Healthcare Payers

With trusted solutions built by AM Data Service’s developers, OnBase helps health insurers efficiently manage content and streamline processes while meeting compliance and security regulations with ease. Our ECM solutions combine integrated document, workflow, business process and records management into a single application. Our digital OnBase systems manage scanned documents, faxes, print streams, application files, electronic forms, web content, multi-media files, emails and industry-standard files such as 835 and 837, CMS1500 and UB04.

We provide organizations with the ability to automate business processes, reduce the time and cost of performing important business functions, improve organizational efficiency and address the need for regulatory compliance through the management, control and sharing of digital content with employees, business partners, customers and other constituencies.

OnBase Insurance Solutions enable customers of varying sizes and characteristics to improve productivity levels by addressing specific document needs within each business area. OnBase provides a competitive advantage through streamlined processes, reduced costs, increased internal controls, audit assistance and improved customer service.

By leveraging a single platform approach, standard methodology and sound architecture, insurers can quickly adopt and easily expand the tools to meet their business needs with a service-to-software ratio that is a fraction of most other enterprise solutions.


Healthcare Advisory Boards

To ensure OnBase is meeting the current and future needs of clinicians, the software company established the Physician and Nursing Advisory Boards. Comprised of highly respected physicians and nurses from the United States and the UK, the advisory boards meet regularly with Hyland’s leadership and development teams to drive innovative enhancements that focus on improving patient care and further streamlining health care processes.

The Healthcare Vertical OnBase Group of User Experts (VOGUE) brings members of the medical industry together to share ideas, create valuable dialogue and provide feedback about using technology to increase effectiveness and efficiencies within their organizations. A dedicated OnBase user forum, the Healthcare VOGUE provides an arena for members to acquire immediate-action takeaways that increase your operational knowledge and add value to your organization.