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There are many ways to evaluate the right Content Services solution. Understanding the power of Content Services requires an understanding of what exactly Content Services is. 

Content Services also known as Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems organize and distribute unstructured content: documents, images, health or accounting records, surveys, product information, emails and web pages. They use organizational models to impose order on data, such as branching folder schema or metadata taxonomies, and make resources easy to find through search and advanced filtering. Content Services often allows the collaborative creation of new documents or ensures the integrity of data through versioning and audit trails. These systems can be used to keep data secure through granular permissions structures. They can automate different business processes that route data to different individuals for document assembly, form creation or approval, and actively or automatically attach metadata.  

AM Data Service is an authorized reseller for OnBase which can be leverage to meet all the needs of your business, whether you require a dynamic and flexible SMB deployment or a larger multi-site Enterprise deployment.  Your workflow automation and scalability requirements help guide our recommendations and can help revolutionize how your business accesses and interacts with valuable information and documents.  

Content Services Solutions put your world of information in your hands

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When selecting a Content Services solution, many businesses look at how they imagine the software will be used. In reality, the power of a quality Content Services solution is in the innovative and varied ways it can be customized.

AM Data Service workflow engineers and programming specialists perform an encompassing review of business processes and help ensure you choose the right solution to meet the needs of your business for today and well into the future. There are important components of a quality CS product that have to be considered. We only offer solutions that meet or exceed this minimum set of features. Understanding the requisite toolset for your goals can help identify the right product. By improving the speed with which data can be accessed, creating process visibility and automating workflow stages, a focused Content Services deployment will more than pay for itself in reduced operating costs, improved customer service and reduced risk by allowing for easy enforcement of security policies and record retention requirements. At AM Data Service we know Content Services! Metro Detroit ECM Solutions | AM Data Service - 1pic

Our professional staff of CS & ECM developers and workflow engineers help organizations onboard and upgrade Content Services deployments. We have created feature-rich workflow innovations and programming integration that enable our clients to maximize their return on investment.  

Sales, service and support 

Our team can handle every aspect of the process, from initial evaluation and environment architecture to software sales and installation. We provide it all, from pre-sales to implementation support. AM Data Service is your centralized partner for CS needs. If there is an issue, we can support it. One point of contact. One phone number.

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