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Its about a organizing a comprehensive strategy  to target all vulnerable aspects of your operations.  All it takes is one hacker, one virus, one disgruntled employee… And you could quickly discover that the protections you have in place are wholly insufficient.

Let our team work with you to establish a comprehensive Managed Network Security Solution.  

Layered Protection | Advanced Monitoring | Expert Support

Most small businesses believe that they are too small to be targeting by nefarious people or threats, but the truth is that Small Business are some of the most frequent victims of Ransomware and Exploit Targeting, because they often fail to provide adequate network and security protections and safeguards.  

With our All-Inclusive Managed Service Plan, you receive:

  • Unlimited IT Support from technology experts ready to protect your network
  • Proactive Monitoring to detect network vulnerabilities before they break down your business
  • Layered Protection to secure your business from all types of threats, internal and external
  • Content Filtering & Reporting to limit the potential exposure to threats
  • Intrusion Prevention controls designed to reduce external penetration into your network 
  • Anti-Spam and Mail Hygiene to reduce the volume of SPAM and email threats that make it to your inbox. 
  • Integrated Multifactor Authentication to better secure access to your cloud enabled applications. 
  • Advanced Solutions that are just as evolved as the threats

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Mixing just the right amount of: Education, Prevention and Cure.

End-User Education:

Any successful cyber security plan begins with education. Our threat prevention process teaches the users within your company about the risks assocated with email, web browsing, the dangers of social engineering, what phishing and spear-phishing is, and help organizations establish strong internal security practices and policies related to email attachments. However, even the most educated staff members are not immune to human error. Education, on its own, is not enough protection for any business environment.


Antivirus, Antimalware, Email Hygiene, Traffic-Filtering:

The second prong of our cyber security plan is defense. We leverage multiple industry leading Antivirus, Antimalware, Antiexploit, Email hygiene (Spam Filtering) and Firewall traffic-filtering tools to prevent any dangerous or malovolent code from getting into your network.  If a malicious link is clicked or a Trojan-containing attachment is downloaded, these tools will often save a system from full-blown infection. However, new strains of ransomware are being created at a rate higher than antivirus can protect against them, so eventually, the probability that one infection will succeed is still high.


Total Data Protection:

The final prong in our solution is the remediation (in the event of an infection). Our Total Data Protection solution provides the ultimate failsafe in a layered defense strategy. By maintaining continous timed snapshots of your data and systems and storing them on a local device and redundatly mirroring them to a secure cloud data center location even if you fall victim to ransomware, or other threats we are able to simply ‘turn back the clock’ to a snapshot before the attack happened. It is the ultimate "undo" button.


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