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The Many Benefits of AM Data Service Cloud Servers

The AM Data Service Cloud is powerful because it helps lower the typical hurdles and capital expenditure commitments associated with growth and change. If your business has been searching for a cloud environment with outstanding performance, enterprise-class support, and near-infinite scalability- look no further. Our servers are available, scalable, resistant to failure and can effortlessly grow with your business. 

Popular Cloud Server Packages

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Flexibility and Availability

Server deployment on the AM Data Service Cloud takes minutes. Orders are quickly provisioned and resources are available and ready for you to start using within moments. You can even select pre-loaded configuration options and software to let you hit the cloud running. 


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Scalability for the Future

To compete in the modern business world, organizations must remain nimble and capable of adapting to the needs of their clients. Typical IT infrastructure requires significant capital expenditure to place hardware and a commitment to maintaining and managing that hardware for its lifespan. But what if your needs grow? Physical hardware has its limitations on expansion, and considerable infrastructure considerations, not to mention the time generally associated with provisioning new or additional hardware, not to mention the hard costs and labor with those changes.  

Many businesses relying on conventional infrastructure simply can't afford to be that nimble, but with the AM Data Service Cloud you can respond to changes in a matter of minutes. Our servers offer seamless scalability, allowing you to increase your memory (RAM), add additional CPU cores, or purchase more disk throughput with the click of a button without even bringing your application offline. Scale and adapt your Cloud Servers to respond in the moment, at any moment.  


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Reliability and Stability

What goes up, won't go down. The AM Data Service Cloud has been designed with full hardware and software redundancy as a primary consideration. Our cloud server infrastructure and architecture is designed to withstand multiple points of failure including power, storage, hypervisor, and network. We maintain connections to separate redundant network switches, redundant power circuits, and multiple network-storage devices. All data is stored in triplicate within the host framework and in the unlikely event that these hardware systems simultaneously fail, software provides for live-migration of your cloud server to another node in our cloud. 

Our tools make it easy to customize your own server configuration, or you can choose from one of our most popular cloud server configurations. Need Fast and Professional Pre-Sales Support for your hosted environment? Our team is ready to help you choose the right hosting strategy for your business.

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