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Metro Detroit Cloud Computing & Managed Hosting | AM Data Service - infastructure-iconAM Data Service offers a variety of services to meet your company's hosting needs, including virtual servers, cloud and managed hosting.

We deliver custom solutions to best fit your unique situation. Whether you are a small business or a larger enterprise you often share many of the same concerns, security, flexibility and access. Our unique platforms and dynamic resources allow employers to increase employee productivity while ensuring that resources are only allocated as they are needed. Flexible, dynamic and designed to grow with your organization, it is what sets AM Data Service apart from the competition.

Hosted Services Offered:

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We understand that data is one of your business’s most precious possessions. You need to be able to keep it securely protected from disaster and cyber-attacks, but you also need access to it in order to operate.  Our partnerships enable us to provide a wide array of data storage, disaster recovery, and business continuity solutions.

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Virtual Servers

Most business IT environments consist of one or more servers hosting applications and services for domain and various workstation users within a company. You may have one server handling each role, such as an Exchange server for Email Hosting, a Web server for hosting a company Intranet site, and a Data server for storage of software-specific databases. What this means is that you have several machines with several complicated systems, which need to be maintained, serviced, and upgraded to meet new software and business demands. This model often results in very high out of pocket expenses for hardware and significant downtime in the event of a hardware failure.

Server Virtualization represents significant benefits because along with countering all the potential downsides of a physical server environment, it creates numerous positives. Instead of setting up several physical servers in your environment and provisioning independent roles for those servers, one server is set up with the necessary corresponding specification to install Virtualization.

Server Virtualization provides real benefits:

  • Reduce your physical hardware footprint
  • Cut operations and maintenance expenses
  • More effective use of resources
  • Maintain a regularly updated and highly available server environment
  • Maximize disaster recovery options

Software/Hardware Emulation, such as VMware

This software creates a virtual server – a sort of software representation of a server operating environment within the physical server. This allows for numerous virtual machines to be implemented on the same physical hardware. Each of the VMs (Virtual Machines) can then be configured to take on individual roles and tasks within the infrastructure. This means that each VM is essentially a software representation of a server. This creates enormous opportunities for flexibility, scalability, disaster recovery, and ensures a better utilization of hardware resources. Also because each server is essentially a software emulation of hardware, in the event that there is a problem, a new Virtual Machine can be set up and deployed with the exact same specifications in a very short period of time, whereas with physical hardware restoring a failed system can take much longer.

A thoughtfully designed and properly deployed Server Virtualization and backup recovery strategy will save your company time, money, and resources, as well as allowing for a business continuity strategy that has almost no downtime. Contact us today for a free network evaluation to see if a Server Virtualization strategy would be beneficial for your organization.

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Colocation is the process of centralizing offsite data storage into a data center. This process is an enormous component of any well planned Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning. The benefits are self-evident when businesses consider what a loss of data would mean to their ability to support their customers.  Colocation creates the ability for employees to access network, server, and data storage space.

For practical purposes, the ideal way to view colocation is as a centralized offsite data repository. There are numerous benefits to a colocation strategy with AM Data Service.

Advantages of Colocation:

  • Reduced cost for bandwidth
  • Improved outage protection
  • Options for fully managed colocation hardware or you can supply your own
  • Utilize Microsoft SPLA licensing benefits for pay-as-you-go licensing software
  • Additional security for your machines. Your server is stored and maintained in a secured environment

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Private Cloud

The Cloud is a collection of remote virtual machines working together to create a unified environment for businesses. It is a means by which you are able to access applications, files, or data anytime, anywhere, from any device that has access to an internet connection. The benefits of a cloud environment are enormous and can be easily quantifiable, but harder to conceptualize. In this sense, it is good to familiarize yourself with the standard IT model so that the benefits of the cloud can be self-evident.

A business IT department that is operating in a pre-cloud state is often configured with several servers responsible for running various business processes such as Domain Controller, Exchange Hosting, and SQL Server. All the components have a significant initial out of pocket cost for both hardware and software licensing. With those pieces of equipment there comes a sizeable load of responsibility: servicing, updates, maintenance, and - if demand increases - new hardware and software needs.

The cloud frees IT from all of that, because in our cloud environment, AM Data Service takes care of all maintenance, infrastructure, and repair. We are responsible for meeting surges in demand, and ensuring that service is reliable. We provide the operating infrastructure to support your business, so your initial and long term costs are significantly reduced. The cloud works by giving users access to the same enterprise-level scalability and demand provided by a large internal IT network environment at a mere fraction of the cost. You only pay for what you need, and it takes little more than internet access to deploy a fully functional, large-scale operating environment for your company.


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Online Backup & Disaster Recovery

At some point, your data will be in danger. It could be a machine error. It could be a virus. It could be a flood or a fire. Sooner or later, you will be at risk of losing some of all of your data.

Intellectually, you know this. You know things just fall apart sometimes. And you’ve probably heard all the shock-and-awe, fear-mongering statistics like these:
•  90% of businesses losing data from a disaster are forced to shut down within two years.
•  The survival rate for companies without a disaster recovery plan is less than 10%.
•  Only 44% of businesses successfully recovered information after a recent data recovery event.

AM Data Service addresses these statistics by offering remote data backup, data storage and disaster recovery applications that protect all of your mission-critical information whether the data resides on laptops, desktops, virtual or physical servers or storage systems.

Our goal is complete business continuity. We achieve this by integrating backup and disaster recovery plans with your overall IT environment.

Program Features:

  • Automatic, scheduled backups
  • Backup to disks
  • Local copy for quick restore
  • Off-site copy for disaster recovery
  • Fast recovery time in the event of lost data
  • Backup your PC
  • Backup Mail Servers
  • Backup Database Servers
  • Full, differential and incremental images of your disks, including not only your data, but your OS and applications too

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