Law Enforcement Liability Management Solution 

AM Data Service developed Force LMS in conjunction with law enforcement professionals. This software provides police agencies with critical insight and control of how they analyze use-of-force and pursuit tactics, equipment and technique performance as well as the impact of policy changes and correlated training. 

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Gain perspective & greater control of your organization

  • Capture and retain use of force, training, pursuits and inventory. 
  • Analyze and identify trends. 
  • Increase safety for officers and the communities they serve.
  • Improve training, policies and procedures. 
  • Recall complete training records and inventory reports in a few mouse clicks. 
  • Track awards and discipline. 
  • Justify training, equipment purchases, policies and procedures with ease. 
  • Increase community support and organizational transparency. 
  • Reduce liability. 
  • Remove the guesswork from any policy or training decision. 
  • Minimize risk and maximize safety. 
  • Data at the macro and micro levels. 
  • Protect your organization. 

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