We Have Moved!

As we near the end of our tenth year in business, I’d like to share some exciting changes regarding the growth and success of AM Data Service.

After several upgrades to larger and nicer spaces over the years, AM Data Service recently moved from our cozy 2,404-square-foot space to a palatial 6,189-square-foot office in the same Livonia complex where we are now. Our new address is 33097 Schoolcraft Road, Livonia MI 48150. Please make a note of this new information in your records. Our phone numbers will not change. 

Our new space boasts many fun amenities, such as ping pong and pool tables, a high-tech coffee dispenser, white board walls and a lot of other conveniences that make AM Data Service a great place to work. Please drop in sometime for a game of pong or a delicious caffeinated beverage. We love to see our clients!

To continue providing you with the best service possible, we’d like to hear how you think we’re doing — what you like and where we can improve. Please take our Client Satisfaction Survey to help us improve our service. Learn more


Rich Miller

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