Tips & Tricks For Microsoft Teams

During this period of extended remote work, many organizations are leveraging a variety of tools for connection and collaboration.

As most of our customers use some version of Microsoft 365 /  Office 365, and many have already been using Microsoft Teams within their organization, we decided to point out some of the lesser-known features of Microsoft Teams.

Many organizations use Teams as an instant message tool. But Teams offers so much more.

Unique features of Microsoft Teams 

Video conferencing

At the entry-level plan, Microsoft Teams comes with the ability to have both audio and video meetings right through the app.

Simply select the person you would like to chat with and click either the video or audio icon in the top-right corner. This feature also works when using a channel with multiple people in the group.

Features include scheduling assistance, note-taking, screen sharing, recording, personalized backgrounds and instant messaging.

File sharing & collaboration

Sharing files is a critical feature when it comes to online collaboration. You can create Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents right from a Teams chat window. These files can then be co-authored and edited simultaneously with another user. No longer does collaboration require sending emails back and forth while keeping track of versions.

All files are saved in Teams with easy access at any time to previously created documents.

Teams on the go

Mobile applications are essential when it comes to working remotely.

Teams has an integrated application that allows you to make calls and chat from a mobile device just as you would with the desktop application. With the Teams phone app, you have immediate access to all of your apps and documents.

You can respond to chat and conversations, join meetings with one click and continue to collaborate. To learn more about the mobile application, please visit one of the sites below on your mobile device:

Have you heard about tabs?

Tabs in Microsoft Teams can allow your business to display rich and interactive web content.

There are 2 kinds of tabs:

  • Static tabs: These support individual users. For instance, you might have a tab that allows employees to make personal notes as they work.
  • Configurable tabs: These are part of your Teams channel. They offer ongoing information and guidance to teams.

Microsoft Teams offers 2 types of tabs

Bookmark specific content

Want to ensure you can find information quickly?

Microsoft Teams allows you to bookmark specific pieces of content, whether it’s a message or an attachment. 

In many businesses, there’s a constant stream of information moving through a chat app at any time. Bookmarking your content helps you to cut through the noise and find the data you need. If there is important content in a message, you can “Save this message” See how to save a message in the Microsoft Immersive Reader section below.

Microsoft Immersive Reader

This feature is often overlooked as a capability reserved for educational institutions, or as an adaptive tool for accessibility but Immersive Reader can allow Teams to speak the text on a channel aloud at varying speeds. That’s right, Teams can read your messages to you. So, if you’re struggling to focus on a piece of text, or you need to grab information while your eyes are focused elsewhere, the Immersive Reader can be a useful piece of functionality.

Click on the 3 dots on any message and select the reader from your drop-down menu.

The Immersive Reader can allow Teams to speak text aloud

Check out slash commands

If you want to get work done fast, then slash commands can help you navigate Microsoft Teams as efficiently as possible.

Simply Type / into Teams to see all options.

Some of the best slash commands include:

  • /Files – Shows the most recent files shared with you on Teams
  • /GoTo – Lets you jump straight to a channel
  • /Call – Initiates a call with someone else on Teams
  • /Help – Delivers assistance via T-bot
  • /Saved – Takes you to your saved messages

The price is right if you already have Office 365 or Microsoft 365

Microsoft has stated that the Microsoft Teams application will be available at no additional cost starting with their entry-level plan.

For more information on what is included in each level, please visit the Microsoft Teams website

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