6 Habits To Sustain Telecommuting Productivity

Telecommuting tips

Managing your productivity while working remotely can be challenging at times. Adopting the positive habits we have outlined in this blog post can help to ensure your sustained productivity. Please review the tips below to see if there are any changes to how you approach your day that could add to your overall success when working in a remote capacity.

Maintain a dedicated office space

It’s important to separate your home life/relaxation space from your workspace. Establishing this physical boundary can help your mind concentrate on the tasks at hand. Eliminate distractions that you wouldn’t have while working in the office.  

Try to set up your workspace so you have the essentials you would have if you were still in the office. Additional monitors, a keyboard, mouse and other supplies may be necessary to maintain continuity. Something as simple as a mouse or a standard-size keyboard can dramatically improve your ability to complete work and reduce the frustration that can accompany using a laptop touchpad.

Create a schedule

Sticking to a normal schedule can help ease the transition to remote work. Wake up at the same time as if you were going into the office. This helps start the day with the proper mindset. Go through all the steps you would typically engage in to prepare for work. By having a more formal schedule and process, it becomes easier to transition your focus from being at home to being at work.

Many people who work remotely feel compelled to increase their productivity by skipping breaks or working longer hours. Try to avoid this. It’s important to you and your employer that you avoid burnout.

Scheduled breaks into your workday, including when you “leave” work, to help combat burnout. The ability to work remotely is often an exchange between the worker and the business. The business provides the added flexibility and the capability to work from home but that comes with some potential added effort from the worker. By creating some scheduled time to take a break, or eat your lunch at a table, will help ensure you don’t get overwhelmed and sacrifice productivity in the long run.  

Update your task list

At the start of each day, make sure to create a detailed task list to track what you need to accomplish.

Creating tasks in an online program such as Microsoft Outlook, Wrike, Trello, SmartSheet or Microsoft Project can help track your progress.

Throughout the day, update your list to ensure you didn’t neglect any tasks. This can also help you keep important tasks in mind and help you forecast work to be done later.

Check-in with colleagues

Communication is key to keeping collaboration alive during remote work. It’s not easy being isolated during the day, so starting a conversation either by chat or video conference is necessary to maintain a positive teamwork spirit. Programs like Microsoft Teams and GoToMeeting can help facilitate that communication.

Create healthy habits

It is easy to deviate from your normal routine when working remotely. Creating healthy habits can help boost your energy and keep your mind sharp. Taking a walk to simulate your morning commute helps to get the endorphins going first thing in the morning. Try to maintain your normal office routine and only snack on healthy items.

Eliminate distractions

Along with having a dedicated workspace, it is important to be distraction-free. Turn off social media notifications on your phone, if you’re able. Ensure distractions like TVs, tablets or other electronic devices are not in the same area as your workspace.

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