5 Tips To Prevent Ransomware Attacks

The key to avoiding or defeating a ransomware infection is to be vigilant and prepared. Here are five tips to prevent or overcome a ransomware infection:

1. Use extreme caution when clicking links inside of email.

Ransomware viruses are often spread by malicious HTML links found inside emails. Attackers use email “phishing” techniques to trick people into thinking the email is from a trusted sender. The victim believes the link will take them to a safe website. Instead, it leads to a malicious site designed to spread ransomware. If you’re going to click on a link inside of an email, be absolutely certain who the email is coming from.

2. Beware of email attachments.

It’s not just the links inside emails that you need to worry about. You also have to be extremely careful when clicking on email attachments. That’s why you should never, ever click on an attachment from an unknown sender. Even if you think you know the sender, you should still be careful. While some malicious emails are easy to spot, attackers are getting more savvy. For example, some emails may look like a harmless request from a business partner or a notification from your bank. Do your best to confirm the email is valid and safe before opening any attachment.

3. Keep your firewall and security software updated.

Ensure your firewall and antivirus software are updated and working properly. While security software vendors can’t guarantee complete protection, updated security software and firewall protection is the first line of defense. 

4. Set clear information security policies and educate users.

Education is key – especially in business environments. If you want to protect your business from ransomware, it’s important to set clear information security policies related to emails, links and attachments. Communicate the policies to employees regularly. Educate employees about the threat of ransomware and the importance of remaining vigilant when it comes to email.

5. Back up your files!

While all of the tips provided so far may be somewhat effective, nothing is foolproof. You must be prepared to deal with a ransomware infection if it happens. Back up your files regularly. It’s a surefire “Plan B” should efforts to protect against viruses ever fail. Creating backups of computers and servers is a must.

The good news is that AM Data Service has the tools and knowledge to help your business prevent or overcome a ransomware attack on your information security. Every managed IT service client has a basic level of protection provided as part of their package. Every company of every size should invest in advanced security measures.

Call AM Data Service at (734) 744-5300 to protect your data, your clients, and your company from IT security attacks. 

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