About Us

AM Data Service, Inc. is a full-service Information Technology (IT) consulting firm that provides network solutions to businesses of all sizes. Let our comprehensive industry knowledge and partner relationships maximize your IT budget. We deliver on our commitments so clients can build strong relationships in their own companies.

AM Data Service’s goals are simple:

•    Help our clients effectively manage their networks.
•    Build lasting relationships that benefit our clients' bottom lines.
•    Bring enterprise-level expertise to businesses of all sizes.

A recognized authority on Microsoft systems, network solutions and new data management trends, AM Data Service offers strategic intellect and superior ability to serve clients' needs.

What sets AM Data Service apart?

•    Our comprehensive IT support options, from break-fix to fully managed solutions, allow clients to decrease IT expenses and downtime.                              
•    We do whatever it takes to optimize the performance of client networks.
•    Client business processes become more efficient with our customized solutions.
•    We build relationships you can trust.

Small business appeal: We understand the challenges small businesses face -- it's difficult to stay current on the rapidly changing technology curve. We strive to make that challenge manageable while still providing an affordable service. It is important to us to communicate with clients and balance technology changes with budget and practicality. This balance strengthens the client‘s ability to stay “cutting edge.” Success is often measurable through cost savings, increased productivity and reduced IT expenses due to system stability. 

We believe in the power of small business and entrepreneurial values. It's our privilege to contribute to the success of America's small business owners and employees.