Take Control of Glitches and Employee Operating Errors

If you hire an IT partner to manage your network, you need experts who will quickly address your problems. The challenge for a small business owner is the expense of having IT consultants respond to your needs in a cost-effective manner. Having a consultant on-site to fix every issue can be costly and may impact productivity.


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Onsite and Remote IT Support

As your IT consultants, we offer several options for timely and cost-effective support, from proactive infrastructure management, to onsite break-fix service and unlimited remote  IT help desk. Using numerous technologies and years of industry experience we are able to administer and troubleshoot client networks without leaving our facilities. We can log on to a network and resolve many common problems, such as printer errors and user authorization issues, without the delay or expense associated with an on-site visit. We can also answer user questions through our customized support portal, business email, or by telephone. If a critical problem requires an on-site visit, we offer complete technical support, including implementing a new technology infrastructure.

Project and Infrastructure Consulting

Growing businesses face unique challenges – between hardware inefficiencies, employee needs and expansion struggles, they need some help reaching their full potential. Maybe you installed computers one at a time as you added employees, which resulted in a mismatched hodgepodge of hardware and network configurations. Or maybe you have employees who need to work remotely but your current configuration doesn’t allow for remote access -- or it does so at the expense of security. We have solutions these situations and more.


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You know what equipment you have and you probably know where it’s located…or do you? We keep track of every piece of hardware your business uses, connect it to your network the right way the first time and know what you need to optimize your technology usage. We evaluate your current configuration and work with you to seamlessly integrate the new with the old.

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VMware & Virtualization

So you want to work from home? We can make it happen. Want to let employees use their own devices? No problem. We can provide your business with a range of capabilities and tools for maximizing the benefits of virtualization – from server consolidation and high availability to policy-based data center automation – quickly and affordably. 


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Consulting Services

Our partnerships enable us to provide the best technology for your business at a reasonable price. We will work with you to find the solutions that fit your needs, from ordering to installation to maintenance. You don’t have to keep track of anything -- we’ll do it all for you!

Network Configuration & Diagnostics

Is your network running at optimal efficiency? During on-site assessments, we gauge the precision and power of your network configuration so we can provide cost-reducing solutions that meet your unique needs. And we don’t stop there. Your ancillary equipment is essential to proper network functioning but it is often overlooked by users and other IT professionals once it is installed. We know that no piece of hardware is exempt from debilitation, including switches, hubs, printers and routers. We monitor all of these to ensure everything you need is running smoothly, in addition to checking the performance of firewalls to ensure network safety.